Photo Story: Ice Glaciers at 30 degrees plus – only in Yakutia!

Only in Yakutia

One of the great places in our republic is the glacier of Bulus. The absolutely unique about this glacier is that it never entirely melts, even not during the summer which is short but still very hot. Imagine yourself in t-shirt and short at 30 degrees in an icy glacier. I believe there is no other place on this planet like Bulus. You may ask how is it possible that the ice does not disappears? The basin is so deep that the short Siberian summer is not enough to melt the entire ice. The site is just about 100 kilometers away from Yakutsk. It is the perfect destination for a stunning day trip. Last weekend, we decided to go there and had a great day. We took some pictures which I would like to share with you. Enjoy!

Getting there

Bulus is on the opposite side of the Lena. We took a ferry close to the city of Yakutsk to cross the river.
Leaving the city behind we were heading into the untouched nature of Yakutia. We passed endless forests, countless lakes and many smaller Yakut villages.
Somewhere in the nowhere.

The Glacier

In Yakutia you will find many water sources from which you drink fresh and very cool water. Particularly in the area of Bulus you will find many sources. In winter, the place is also an interesting site as there are some hot springs in that area.
After a two hours drive we reached the Bulus glacier. Keep in mind that at this time it’s been above 25 degrees for many weeks and above zero for many months already. When we were travelling Bulus it’s been 30 degrees. It is absolutely stunning to reach a glacier at such temperatures.
That’s me 🙂
The ice is melting but throughout the whole summer it will never disappear entirely.
The glacier.
Small stream of melted iced.
On top of the basin.
Yakutsk is home to many eagle species like the for instance the golden eagle or the white tailed eagle.

Heading Home

Heading home in the evening hours. This is already quite close to Yakutsk.
An absolutely ordinary scene for car drivers in Yakutsk.
Back in the city.

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