Luxury Tickets for the Transsiberian Railroad

That the Trans-Siberian Railway not only offers unique impressions and experiences, but can also come with a high level of luxury and comfort in the luxury class, you will learn in this article. We have gathered the most important information for you. And most importantly, here you will also learn how to book a trip in the luxury class!

Comfort classes and amenities

A comfortable journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway is basically possible via several routes:

  • The designation luxury class deserve the offers of Golden Eagle Luxury Train, which leave nothing to be desired and are without competition in the high-premium segment.
  • The provider “Tsar Gold” is another provider whose offer is similar to that of Golden Eagle Luxury Train and also includes excursions.
  • But even those who are looking for a cheaper alternative, do not have to do without any comfort. Because even the standard trains of the Trans-Siberian Railway offer a first class, even if they do not match the offer of Golden Eagle Luxury Trains.

All three variants are presented below.

Luxury Class Tickets for the Trans-Siberian Railway

Option #1: the Golden Eagle Luxury Trains

Equipment of the Golden Eagle Luxury Trains

The trains of Golden Eagle Luxury Trains are basically special charter trains that serve purely tourist purposes. The trains run several times a year in both directions and offer every conceivable luxury that one would not generally associate with the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Different comfort classes are offered, and comfort is upscale in each. Each of the compartments is air-conditioned, has underfloor heating and offers its own LCD television. Depending on the category, the cabins also have their own high-quality shower. A detailed description of all cabins is available on the official site of Golden Eagle Luxury Trains.

The routes offered are from Moscow along Lake Baikal to Vladivostok and Mongolia. The Moscow-Beijing route is not served at the time of this writing.

Golden Eagle Luxury Trains: Booking & Cost/Price Information

For the absolute luxury class one must resort to the offer of Golden Eagle Luxury Trains, which shows that the Trans-Siberian Railway and luxury class are in no contradiction!

According to the high-quality equipment, the costs are in the higher premium segment. There are three categories to choose from for the Moscow-Vladivostok and Moscow-Mongolia itineraries, and vice versa in each case:

  • The cost of a cabin for single occupancy for the Moscow-Vladivostok route ranges from 23,000 euros (Silver) to 68,000 euros (Imperial). If one cabin is occupied by two, the costs are significantly reduced. The person price then starts at 15,000 euros (silver) and is a maximum of 34,000 euros.
  • The costs for the route Moscow-Mongolia start with single occupancy of the cabin at 22,000 euros (Silver) and are a maximum of 61,000 euros (Imperial). For double occupancy, the cost starts at 15,000 euros (Silver) and is a maximum of 30,000 euros (Imperial).

Current prices and costs for the Golden Eagle train can be viewed here!

option #2: tsar gold

Information about the equipment of the Tsar Gold trains

Another provider of private trains in the luxury segment operates under the name Zarengold. Also with Zarengold hardly desires remain open, which concerns luxury and comfort.

Prices and costs of tsar gold trains

Prices range from just over 4,000 euros (standard class for double occupancy) to just over 20,000 euros (highest category for single cabin occupancy). More information on prices and costs can be found here.

Charengold private train

Option #3: First class of standard moves

What to expect on the standard train

The (much) cheaper alternative is to book a standard first class ticket on the Trans-Siberian Railway. However, this is not comparable to Golden Eagle’s offer. Basically, “1st class” just means that your own cabin has only two beds, while the other classes are occupied by more travelers.

Information about booking and prices and costs for the standard train

There are several ways to book a standard ticket for the Trans-Siberian Railway, some of these ways are easier but more expensive others are complicated for foreigners but cheaper.

The cheapest way is to buy tickets directly at the station counter. However, tickets for the most sought-after route to Beijing are regularly out of stock because they are pre-purchased in large quantities by travel agencies.

An easy and at the same time inexpensive way is to buy in advance via the Internet. You can do this either through the official site of the Russian State Railways, but this is quite complicated for foreigners. An easier way is to book through a third party provider like Real Russia. This is the way we recommend. A trip in first class costs about 1,000 euros.

In conclusion, it should be noted that there are many travel agencies that also offer total packages including tickets. This is simplest and most convenient alternative, but also the most expensive in comparison.

Conclusion: “Luxury class” and Trans-Siberian railroad do not contradict each other

Luxury class and Trans-Siberian railroad do not contradict each other. Quite the contrary. However, if you are looking for a comfortable trip in the high premium segment, you should go to the providers Golden Eagle Luxury Trains or Tsar Gold. For all others, the first class of the standard trains also offer higher comfort, even though the first class of the standard trains cannot be called luxury.

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