Summer Trip: Kayaking the Lena and Sinaya Rivers in Yakutia

Each summer, we are kayaking, with smaller or bigger groups, on the Lena and Sinaya rivers in Yakutia. For those unfamiliar, Yakutia is a remote federal subject of Russia, about a seven hours flight east from Moscow. With almost the size of India but less than a million inhabitants, Yakutia is one of the most untouched places in the world and a real insider’s tip for travelers looking for something new.

We are kayaking some 200 kilometers south of the city of Yakutsk, where nature has formed the unique Lena and Sinaya pillar formations along the banks of both rivers. Though that the unique beauty of that place has also been recognized by the UNESCO as part of the world’s heritage site, the area is still fairly unknown to tourists. Travelling there offers the unique opportunity to experience real untouched nature, far away from any road and far away from the noises of civilization and standard tourism. Sounds interesting? We are always happy to welcome travelers who are interested in joining us and who are ready for a real adventure far off the beaten tourist tracks. If you also would like to join please just leave us a short message and we will come back to you.

How to get there and when to travelĀ 

When thinking about Siberia, you probably first think about harsh climate conditions, a lot  of ice and extreme coldness. Indeed, the Siberian summer can be very nice with temperatures up to 30 degrees and a lot of sun. This is particularly true for July and August when we are usually doing our trips. You may also be surprised that reaching the region is actually not that difficult as one may believe. The very first meeting point for our trips is the city of Yakutsk, the capital of Yakutia. To get to Yakutia you will usually need to fly via Moscow. Flights from the larger European hubs via Moscow are available starting from 700 Euros for a return trip, but may be also cheaper in some cases. We recommend to book the tickets in advance and also to schedule one of the ways with staying a few days in Moscow. We will help you with an appropriate visa, a hotel reservation and planning your activities during your time in Moscow.

After reaching Yakutsk

On your flight to Yakutsk, from up above, you may already recognize why Yakutia is literally one of the least inhabited regions worldwide. Once arrived in Yakutsk we will pick you up at the airport. Before heading towards the starting point of our kayak trip we highly recommend to stay some days in the city and to get to know this unique city that is the world’s most northern city and cultural center of Yakut people. The first thing you will notice is that all buildings are raised off the ground on pilings due to the permafrost. In winter, temperatures regularly fall below minus 50 degrees Celsius. Second, you will find out that Yakutsk is indeed a rather developed city with of about 300 thousand people, most of them Yakut, living a modern lifestyle while maintaining their indigenous culture and traditions.

We would like to invite you on a journey to experience our culture and traditions. During the first days of your stay in Yakutia, we invite you together with us to visit ethnographic places, to experience the Yakut cuisine, to meet our people and to get to know our city. A very special place worth to visit close to Yakutsk is Bulus, an ancient glacier, where the ice never melts, even not during summer when temperatures climbing up to 30 degrees. Let us know what you are interested in to see during your first days, we will do everything else!

Heading towards Sinaya river

On the first day of our kayak trip, we will meet in the morning at your hotel in Yakutsk. The starting point of our kayak trip is literally in the middle of nowhere. In fact, getting there is already an adventure. In the morning, we will travel by car as long as the roads allow it. After having lunch, we will change from car to a special vehicle taking us into the wild, off the roads and directly into the endless forests of Yakutia. This will take around three more hours. In the late afternoon then, we will reach the starting point on the banks of the Sinaya river.

Once arrived, we will have some rest and prepare for the next day’s start of the kayak tour. It will take us around seven days paddling to reach the Lena river. Up to your preference, we may continue the tour then for three further days kayaking on the Lena river or may alternatively take a motorboat. During our tour, you will sleep in tents provided by us. Please be aware that the kayak tour is intended for everybody in a good physical shape who wants to blend into a wild nature. We will paddle at least seven days on calm water combining it with swimming, fishing and hiking along the river. All equipment and three camp meals a day will be provided by us. To our security we will be also provided with a satellite mobile connection.


During your stay in Yakutsk, we will organize a stay for you in the Tygyn Darkhan hotel which is located in the center of Yakutsk. Free wireless LAN and free access to the fitness center are available for every guest. You may also relax in the sauna and swimming pool. All rooms have air conditioning and a satellite TV.  We also can offer you other hotels, home stay or holiday cottages as an option.

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