Comfort Trip: Icy Yakutia and Lena Pillars

Travelers who come to Yakutia in winter look for the extreme. Yakutia is one of the most untouched places in the world with landscapes looking like from another planet and temperatures that make Yakutia the coldest big city in the world. The record low temperature there was minus 64 degrees and temperatures below minus 30 degrees are absolutely nothing extraordinary during the long winter.

It is a climate that can turn boiling hot water into ice within seconds. But it is not only the extreme climate and the stunning nature that make Yakutia an insider tip for travelers. It is also the cultural variety of the region. The republic is populated by numerous larger and smaller nationalities like the Yakut, Evenks and many others who have their own traditions, culture and languages. When visiting Yakutia you will find out that the hospitality of those nations forms a sharp contrast to the harsh climate conditions.

The Right Mix of Adventure and Comfort

The city of Yakutsk offers all the western comfort like any other big city in the world. But unlike other destinations, Yakutsk is surrounded by one of the most extreme and beautiful landscapes on this planet, yet fairly unknown to foreigners. This tour is designed to combine both, adventure and comfort. You will immerse into the culture and nature of Yakutia but you will sleep every night in a comfortable hotel in Yakutsk. Your visit will be a stunning mix of experiencing untouched nature, exploring the culture and traditions of the native population and experiencing the life in such an extreme city. 

Day Trip to the Lena Pillars

You will experience the untouched and remote nature in a number of day trips into the icy wild of Yakutia. Despite that many have never heard about Yakutia, the region has countless stunning natural sites. The Lena and Sinaya pillars are one of them. They will be on of our destinations. Some 200 kilometers south of the city Yakutsk, where the Lena and Sinaya rivers meet, nature has formed those unique stone formations that reach a height of more than 300 meters and stretch over almost 100 kilometers. They look absolutely stunning. I believe there are not many places on this planet like that. The unique beauty has also been recognized by the UNESCO which has included the site in world’s heritage list. During winter months, both rivers are entirely frozen.

We will get to the site by using the frozen rivers as our natural highway. The trip will take a day but will leave you with unforgettable impressions. We will meet early in the morning and you will be back in your hotel late in the evening.

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