We were on TV

Despite the stunning beauty of the region, Yakutia yet still does not receive many foreign visitors. Often our groups get a lot of attention by locals and media, particularly if they were traveling from countries far abroad. Last summer, we had an amazing group from Germany and Switzerland for visit, kayaking the Lena and Sinaya rivers, which was invited to the main broadcasting station of Yakutsk. Right after coming back from the kayak trip, together with myself, Leonis and Steffen accepted the invitation and shared their experiences in a morning TV show. Thank you both for joining the interview! The team of NVK Sakha welcomed us very nicely and the interview was mainly about the motivation for traveling Yakutia and their experiences in the wilderness of Yakutia.

“It was a great experience, we have been welcomed very warmly by the Yakut people. We were very impressed about the nature, particularly the Sinaya pillars were absolutely awesome. But also the experience to kayaking a great river like the Lena river was an experience we will treasure forever.”

In the interview, also a very special souvenir has been addressed: During their stay in Yakutsk, the group visited the mammoth museum, actually the only mammoth museum in the world, making them ‘experts’ in the field of mammoth fossils. And this paid off: While fishing on the banks of the Sinaya river, one of the group recognized a fossil looking quite similar to a mammoth tooth. The group took the tooth with them to hand it over to the mammoth museum. As the interview was recorded just one day after the trip it has not been clear back then whether the tooth really belonged to a mammoth. Since then, we have received the verification from the laboratory of the mammoth museum: It was really a mammoth tooth! A really lucky finding!


You may have a look at the full interview below. Sorry for the bad quality. Unfortunately, we could not receive another version in better quality.

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